Aerial Yoga Parties

w/Shakira Bethea

Shakira offers VINYASA and AERIAL YOGA packages for your pre-wedding activities to inspire and motivate the happy couple, wedding party and parents to gracefully plan and enter into a beautiful new partnership. 


Pre-wedding yoga and wellness offers benefits that can create a healthier lifesytle such as: 

Learn to meditate
Reduce wedding planning and daily life stressors
Let go of the past and move forward as a married couple
Connect positively with others
Create a sense of balance
Boost happiness
Reduce pain and discomfort in the physical body
Public speaking such as vows and speeches

Selfless Act Bath Salts

Bath Salts are helpful in reducing toxins out of the body and easing sore muscles. Using these after bootcamp will really help reduce the muscle pain that follows an intense workout session. Remember to drink plenty of water by increasing your water intake by at least 2-3 glasses.

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