Through movement we experience watery dances, calming of the mind, and stress reduction to promote creativity, and increase self awareness. When yoga is practiced regularly one may feel more supported, have a healthier sense of self acceptance, express themselves authentically and witness a transformational growth. My practice and offerings are rooted in the foundation of consistent + patient practice inspired by Raja and Bhakti Yoga and offer earthy elemental visualizations that help you find your NATURAL YOGA FLOW + live authentically in the body.

Class Schedule

During COVID-19 we ARE able to offer in person PRIVATE YOGA and MEDITATION, tools to support mental, physical and emotional well being. These sessions are held, socially distanced, at Sahaja Space Durham + Durham Bodywork. Please contact me to learn more!


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Yoga for Long Haulers + Caregivers

Collective Care // Rooted Movement + Meditation

Practice on Purpose // Natural Yoga Flow

BIPOC for BIPOC Movement Exchange

Aerial Yoga

"Sometimes, you gotta go through it to get to it."

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