Through breath and movement you will learn productive ways to calm the thinking mind while exercising the body to reduce stress, promote creativity, and increase range of motion. When practiced regularly one may feel open, supported, grounded and a sense of healthy growth. Creating a compassionate community that enjoys learning and exploring the different paths of yoga. Yoga has helped me in my life from depression to maintaining my weight, and I want to share this with you.


Join me in exploring your Natural Yoga Flow!

Beginner Yoga Series

Join Shakira and Cate for a 4 week Beginner Yoga series beginning February 5th at 7:15pm at The Breathing Room. 


In this series we will learn basic asana (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and journaling to assist in our yoga journey. Each student will receive a journal and eye pillow at the first class to encourage self discovery and maximum relaxation. We look forward to sharing space with you soon!

Yoga Classes

The Breathing Room

Winston Salem


Beginner 6:00pm

Beginner Series 7:15pm

YWCA                   Aerial Yoga

Winston Salem


Aerial Yoga 12:15pm



Aerial Yoga 6:30pm

Studio Eleve Aerial Fitness



Feb 10 at 2:30pm

Feb 24 at 2:30pm

Individual Private 

Try an individual yoga session to build your confidence and strength. We will customize each session around your main fitness and wellness goals. Meditation, mindfulness and asana are used to help create more awareness.

Introductory rate is $45/hour.

Small Group 

Grab a couple of friends and enjoy a balancing, mind calming yoga session together. It's always fun to have friends by your side!


Where to Find Us

Yoga Classes

The Breathing Room

918 Bridge St.

Winston Salem, NC


Aerial Yoga Classes

Studio Eleve

210 N. Main St. 

Kernersville, NC

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