Train to Relax about your business!

Virtual Assistant

Here to help you Train to Relax about your business by taking a few tasks off your hands! Having experience in small business, non profit, and corporate settings, I am able to assist you with your small business' needs. How am I different? I also provide self care techniques available in any package. We all know that self care and a healthy lifestyle are important in maintaining a small business and continuing the work that you love. Check out the packages below or schedule a free consultation!


Email Management

Calendar Management

Data Entry

Website Management

Expense Reporting

Self Care Techniques*



Social Media

Facebook Group Management

Social Media Posting

Email Newsletters




Social Media Graphics


Add a video conference of self care techniques, such as yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) or journaling prompts to help you reduce stress levels that arise from being an entrepreneur.

Unwind 1 hr/week + 30 min. SC: Start at $44


Relax 2.5 hr/week + 30 min. SC: Start at $88


Flow 4 hr/week + 30 min.SC: Start at $111

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