Uplyft Your Soul

You Know You're Dope, Right?

Foundational Practices for Living Single

This e-guide / workbook supports the rhythmic development of single living with catalyzing practices to move into radical self-acceptance. Carl Jung called negative expressions of the self, shadow. The shadow side holds us back from purposefully living into our authentic power and sharing that gift with the larger community. We could also say that dominant culture does the same by holding many of us in survival mode with systems in place that were not meant for us to naturally thrive.  Systems that were built on race construct, wealth, misuse of power, and values toxic partnership / marriage / situationship over the well-being of the individual and their unique position in the world. The question that I pondered for years is how do we become empowered to live spirit-partnered and feel successful, not only in a manner of career, money, material goods, but also in our inner and outer relationships? 



My desire is to uplyft your soul with rooted practices for folks experiencing apprehension of living single and fear consistent lack of care. Get inspired to tap into the essence of a natural rhythm. The body stores memories (trauma, pain, fear) that no longer support the present experience, and being in rhythm with the self creates new impressions in both the energetic and muscle memory. This repatterning work focuses on uncovering the stored memories of relationship failure, fear of intimacy, and ambiguous grief with somatic experiences, massage techniques, and yoga to support the body in remembering the connection to earthy elements and build trust, intuition, and deep compassion to nurture the self.


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