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Yoga Basics


Are you a new to yoga or want to go back to the basics? This is the class for you! As we move slowly through poses (asana), we build on lessons of focusing our breath and connecting to self-awareness.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Self Paced

This energetic  vinyasa class focuses on sun salutations, balances, twists, and inversions to release negative thoughts while creating the space for positivity to become our daily habit. Aligning our breath and movement will provide an awareness of being an active listener while toning and strengthening the body.

Aerial Fitness

Self Paced

Aerial yoga uses aerial hammocks to support the body in traditional yoga poses while allowing more ease during inversions. The hammock is used as a prop during balancing poses to create stability as you flow through each pose.

Yoga and Tea

SAHAJA S P A C E Online -- Friday at 10:30am

During this class we'll build self awareness and compassion through asana, pranayama and the warmth of your favorite tea. We'll progress through a discussion of the significance of creating and maintaing balance in your daily life through rituals that allow your creativity to flow. Rituals or habits, can lead to building self awareness from a stronger foundation. Join us as we explore new pathways to self care. 

Creative Soul // Yoga for POC

Sahaja S P A C E Online -- Wednesday at 7:15pm

Creative Soul is about offering and embodying a brave space for black, brown and indigenous people to practice movement free from judgment, the need to fit in or take care of anyone. This practice is solely for transformative healing for new and seasoned practitioners in an exclusive space where POC are the dominant culture. We are free to discuss issues and experiences that may be difficult to express to our society. This offering is to help cultivate a genuine practice combined with a dope playlist that allows one to feel restored and balanced. 

Uplyfting Vinyasa: If you're a young professional experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety or looking for the space to really be yourself, this class may be a great option for you. We focus on meditation, sun salutations and different poses that broaden our awareness of emotional habits and how to release what no longer serves us. We guarantee you will feel empowered, healthier and centered to allow an easful flow into your life. Offered on a workshop basis. Registration is required.



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