Are you interested in going deeper into your practice and building a stronger foundation for your life while at home?  Sign up for one-on-one yoga and meditation sessions.

Through movement, we will experience watery dances and productive ways to calm the thinking mind while exercising the body to reduce stress, promote creativity, and increase self awareness. When vinyasa and aerial yoga are practiced regularly one may feel more supported, have a healthier sense of self acceptance, express themselves authentically and witness a transformational growth.


We all deserve to feel comfortable in the body that we have. 

During this time we are unable to offer in person yoga classes due to COVID-19. Yoga and meditation are tools to support our mental, physical and emotional well being. Join us online for one-on-one sessions or check out our class offerings below!

"Sometimes, you gotta go through it to get to it."



Core to Coeur


7:15pm Roots + Wings Golden Hour -- $10

45 minute class in eastern time

Let’s take a moment to find our breath, move with mindfulness and show gratitude for what we have in the present moment. We often live in the past or future and take for granted our present awareness. This is a time to settle into the presence of our being and appreciate who we are, what we have and practice being here now.  


Beginning August 4, 2020

5:30Pm BIPOC Self Care Happy Hour


This 45 minute class is about embodying a brave space for black, brown and indigenous people to pactice not only yoga but journaling, meditation, and forming better habits/rituals that positively impact daily life. We are free to discuss issues and experiences that may be difficult to express in our society. We want to cultivate a genuine practice to feel restored and balanced.



Core to Coeur


7:15pm Massaging Your Loved Ones -- $30/couple


A series of workshops to help aid couples in compassionate touch that can promote stress reduction. Couples learn techniques to massage each other and gain awareness of healing touch. In each class we will focus on an area of the body and learn ways to ease discomfort as well as build a better bond with each other.

*This is not solely for couples. Feel free to bring a friend, parent, or roommate to the session!



Core to Coeur


7:15 Self Massage for Singles-- $15


This 45 minute class offers techniques for self massage in a non-sexual way to continue a healthy practice of touch even during social distancing. Compassionate touch releases endorphins, our feel good hormones, and creates a stronger connection. Let’s build a better connection to ourselves that will resonate out to others as we move through this new way of living. 



9:00am Yoga + Tea


As we begin our day we'll build self awareness and compassion through movement practice, meditation and the warmth of our favorite tea, building habits that transform stress and allow connection to the authentic self. We'll progress through a discussion of the significance of creating and maintaining balance in our daily lives through activities that allow our creativity to flow. Join us as we explore new pathways to self care.

Individual Private 

Individual yoga sessions build confidence and strength without the pressure of a class. Each session is customized around your main wellness goals. Meditation, mindfulness and asana are used to help create more awareness.

Small Group 

Gather a couple of friends and enjoy a balancing, mind calming yoga session together. It's always fun to have friends by your side!

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