I'm a community catalyst creating space for single women in their 20's and 30's to connect, transform and live out the life that is truly envisioned. Dominant culture pressures us into coupling up, having children and seeking happiness outside of ourselves. In my opinion, we singles don't have to live into the stigma of being miserable, sad, lonely, or selfish. Living single is not a detriment, it’s a muthafuckin’ blessing! Each patron becomes family and helps me create and produce more informative and compassionate classes, videos, moon zines and self-care journals to encourage an active healing experience ... (read more)


A Sneak Peek into Patreon

Moon Zines

Work with the rhythm of the moon as you connect deeply with your inner work and expand into who you are becoming.

Practice on Purpose

This 8 week series invites you to build a foundational practice that supports your deepest worries and fears as we move through collective transformation.

Yoga + Meditation

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali offer us wisdom and instruction to cultivate a consistent, patient practice.

Purposeful Living

This work is fulfilling and creates a small change within our community that will leave an impression on future generations of how we work within systems and the need to create new pathways that support the WHOLE community.

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