Uplyfting Privates:  If you're a single living entrepreneur experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, or looking for the space to really be yourself, a private session may be right for you. We focus on meditation, movement and different poses that broaden our awareness of emotional habits and how to release what no longer serves us. You will feel empowered, healthier and centered to allow an easful flow into your life. Schedule your private session here.

Class Descriptions

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Beginner Yoga Series

Available Free on Youtube

This four week series is for those folx who have thought about yoga and aren't sure where to start. Each class is 60 minutes in length, online, and will be recorded for later viewing. As we move slowly through poses (asana), we build on lessons of focusing our breath, connecting to self-awareness, and social change.

Beginner Yoga 102 Series

Self Paced

Join us for Beginner Yoga 102 to "uplyft" your yoga practice. This four week series is all online and accessible whenever you are available. We will learn pranayama to support our yoga practice, as well as begin more challenging sequences.

BIPOC for BIPOC Movement Exchange

April 2021 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST

Join Michelle Johnson, Tanisha Hubbard, Jeanine Abraham, and myself for a collective gathering of movement, meditation, dance, and self massage! This is offered quarterly and is to create a brave space for bipoc folx to connect, move, and breathe.

Collective Care // Rooted Movement + Meditation

Fridays at 7:30am EST

During this class we'll root down as we call in healthy ancestors for support and compassion. Restorative poses and slow movement are offered before a deep meditation connecting us to a strong foundation to hold our worries and heartbreak.

Creative Soul


Creative Soul is a 1.5 hour workshop, offered quarterly embodying a braver space to practice movement and creative visioning. This practice is solely for transformative discoveries for new and seasoned practitioners. We are free to discuss issues and experiences that may be difficult to express in our society. This offering is to help cultivate a genuine home practice of purposeful living and to feel restored, balanced, and ready to take action.

Practice on Purpose // Natural Yoga Flow

May, June, July 2021

This 3 module series invites you to build a foundational understanding of anatomy and physiology that supports and strengthens both your home and teaching practice. We will discuss the major muscle groups in connection with the chakra system, and move through asana to bring awareness back to the body. Module 1- Pelvic Girdle and lower limbs, Module 2 - Torso and upper limbs, and Module 3, Head, Neck and self massage. This series also supports our collective evolution in a time of grief, uncertainty, and social distancing. Let’s choose to practice on purpose to release limiting beliefs, come back to the truest self, and move into the seat of the teacher. When we consistently practice, we find our natural yoga flow.

Roots + Wings // Golden Hour


A 45 minute movement practice that opens our creative channels, moves us with mindfulness, and cultivates gratitude for what we have in the present moment. That beautiful golden hour can spark inspiration and ignite a fire to push forward with creative projects. Bring a journal if it feels good to write your roots and how you want to fly. We will laugh, connect and maybe even dance a little! Join us and have a good time!

Roots + Wings // Empowered Flow


A 45 minute energetic movement practice that creates ease and space within the work day. It's hard working from home, and we need to take a moment to rest, move, and go within. Aligning our breath and movement will provide an awareness of being an active healer on our wellness journey. Bring a journal if it feels good to write your roots and how you want to fly. We will laugh, connect and maybe even dance a little!!

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