Undoing to Recreate Wellness Culture

Let's update the definition of wellness together. We are in the process of retraining our minds to live into radical acceptance and rest. Massage + bodywork are a form of social justice that's a necessity for the whole.


Massage Therapy is a safe way to reduce the effects of traumatic stress and felt pain, while increasing creativity and promoting healing.  I provide sessions that offer rhythmic waves to the body, which help clients gently settle into their center and take a moment to radically rest. Find your natural rhythmic flow through customized sessions that leave you feeling grounded and whole, living into who you truly are. I highly encourage the use of self-care activities at home to maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit.


I'm available in two locations for your convenience. Check them out below and schedule your session.


Also, check out our Tuesday Karmic Bloom offering that supports folks who need to receive services and may not be able to pay for them. This is a pay it forward opportunity where 25% of proceeds are placed into the KARMIC BLOOM fund to support co-working + sanctuary hours + massage services for folks at Sahaja S P A C E.


Durham Community Bodywork

906 Broad St. Durham

Massage + Bodywork


Parking is available in the back of the building. Ring the doorbell when you arrive at the front door and I'll see you there!

Sahaja S P A C E

2007 Chapel Hill Rd. Durham

Karmic Bloom + Bodywork


Karmic Bloom - Tuesday 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Bodywork - Thursdays + Fridays 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Karmic Bloom - How y'all feelin'?

As we continue to navigate our new ways of living and becoming, let's check in with our bodies. How are you feeling?


Karmic Bloom, a day of karma practice, happens Tuesdays of each month from 12:00pm - 3:00pm! What does this mean for all of us? It's my practice, as a community member, to provide healing touch to as many people as possible at a sustainable cost for client and practitioner. 


On these Tuesdays, I provide mini sessions (30 minutes) on a sliding scale of $25 - $50.   All you have to do is schedule an appointment and take time to relax. 25% of proceeds go into the Rhythmic Bloom scholarship fund for students to access yoga + massage services, and continuing education courses.


Our Next Karmic Bloom is October 2021 at Sahaja Space Durham.

Sliding Scale Model

What is Sliding Scale?


Sliding Scale is a payment model that supports our community in a collective way. The highest of the scale is for individuals that are paying for themselves and paying it forward for their fellow community member to receive healing services. The lowest of the scale is for individuals that need to pay a reduced rate based on a number of factors.


Massage Therapy + Bodywork Sliding Scale 

$50 - $135

45 minute -  75 minute sessions

Some of the Karmic Bloom Fund supports this model to match the price of service. 

What to Expect?

During life of COVID-19, we are required to wear masks at all times within the treatment room and building.

Each session begins with a client intake, discussing your general health and goals to determine if there are any contraindications to massage. You are fully draped during your session, and only the area of the body being worked is exposed to maintain your comfort. If anything becomes uncomfortable at any time please do not hesitate to let me know immediately.


Please dress for your comfort level while on the massage table. The use of oils, cream and/or lotion will be used on the skin to allow a gentle glide. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes in session length. This is the length of time we spend together. Hands on may differ based on needs of each client.


After your session, a post-session will take place where we discuss any observations and self-care activities in between sessions.

**No one is turned away for financial constraints! Our community fund allows us to offer a sliding scale option for those with financial hardships!

Massage for Musicians

Are you a musician in the Durham area? Do you feel worried, anxious, or uneasy? Do you feel energetically low, hindering your creative flow?  Enjoy a calming massage allowing mind and body integration. Using a range of techniques based on your daily activities, massage therapy can ease sore muscles, create greater playing or performing range and continue to build a creative flow.

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