Aerial Fitness

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Aerial Fitness

What is Aerial Fitness?

Aerial Fitness uses aerial hammocks to support the body in movement techniques while allowing more ease during inversions. The hammock is used as a prop during balancing poses to create stability, while also building strength through body weight training.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

Elongates the spine

Decompresses the joints

Reduces anxiety and stress

Strengthens the upper body

Improves balance and flexibility

Increases spatial awareness



Increases focus

Increased immune function by stimulating the lymphatic system - Inversions

Makes challenging asanas more accessible


Aerial yoga is not recommended for people with the following:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Glaucoma or other pressure related issues

Uncontrolled High or Low blood pressure

Easy onset vertigo


Neck or spinal injuries

Hiatal hernia

Open Wounds

Sinusitis, head cold, or Flu

Recent Surgery



Where to Find Us

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