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Thanks for stopping by. I (Shakira) am here to help you find your natural rhythm in overall wellness. It can be difficult finding a place that feels comfortable, welcoming, and authentic when beginning or continuing a wellness practice. Over the years I have trained under great teachers to create classes that are welcoming to all and create a sense of autonomy to take care of yourself however you see fit. Your practice is yours and I'm here to help you find your natural flow. Check out what I offer below and feel free to explore the website to learn more about what I'm doing in the Triangle Community. 

What we offer:

Massage Therapy

Vinyasa Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Meditation & Journaling Practice



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Aerial Yoga

Have you ever wanted to fly?


To practice aerial yoga brings a sense of liberation, creating access to poses that may be difficult on the floor. Aerial Yoga uses fabric to practice traditional yoga poses in a way that allows the body to find more stability and balance.

Get uplyfted  with us and enhance your practice!

"Live a life full of faith, love and gratitude!"

Shakira B. Bethea

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Relish! A Spicy Mix


Check out this article to learn more about Shakira's journey through Aerial Yoga!

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