Train to Relax about...
Train to Relax about...

...Your Business

We are here to help you Train to Relax about your business by taking a few tasks off your hands! Having experience in small business, non profit, and corporate settings, we want to assist you with your small business' needs. How are we different? By providing Self Care techniques that help you live a fuller life of freedom and healthier choices.


We all know that self care and a healthy lifestyle are important in maintaining a small business and continuing the work that you love. Check out the packages below or schedule a free consultation!


Email Management

Calendar Management

Data Entry

Website Management

Expense Reporting

Self Care Techniques*



Social Media

Facebook Group Management

Social Media Posting

Email Newsletters




Social Media Graphics


Train to Relax about your business!

Package Options

Choose from any package below to help support your business and allow you to do what you love! You have the freedom to choose how much time you want to free up for yourself! Include a 30 minute virtual self care session for $30!

Unwind: 4 Hrs - $260


Relax: 8 Hrs - $444


Flow: 12 Hrs - $600

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