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Thanks for stopping by! I'm here to help you find your natural rhythm along this wellness journey. It can be difficult finding a place that feels comfortable, welcoming, and authentic when beginning or continuing a wellness practice. Over the years I have trained under great teachers to create offerings that teach you how to feel confident in YOUR BODY, and create a sense of autonomy to take care of yourself. Your practice is yours and I'm here to help you find your "natural yoga flow". 

During the times of COVID-19 we are offering online sessions to bring balance to the whole being. Yoga and meditation are healthy ways of coping during uncertain times and we are here to help you navigate a new way of living. Our lives have changed and we must say goodbye to our old way of living and embrace where we are in this present moment. 

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Through this new online platform you can participate in Yoga, Meditation, Journaling & Self Massage


"Live a life full of faith, love and gratitude!"

Shakira B. Bethea

Massage for Musicians

Musicians are athletes too! Massage can prolong a musical career by addressing common injuries and overuse strains. Learn more below!

Relish! A Spicy Mix


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