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I'm glad you decided to stop by! I'm Shakira B. Bethea a healer in the community and beyond. I offer classes, workshops and courses that help you go from procrastinating slacker to Rhythmic Bloom Life Hacker! Ok, maybe not a full blown life hacker...although I have some dope tools to help you gracefully move through your transformation to authentically share your gifts with your communities.


I know it can be difficult finding a connection that feels welcoming and keeps it real when beginning or continuing a lifesytle practice. Your practice is yours and I'm here to help you find your natural rhythmic flow!


Check out what I offer below!


Have you noticed that your daily practice lacks...PRACTICE. Like, for real, it lacks the very practice that you’re trying to teach to others. Well, this is the course to help you go from slacker to rhythmic bloom life hacker.


Multiple ways to participate:



Self Study w/Online Access

Massage Therapist Coaching

Are you a healer looking to grow your practice? Do you want to connect with your clients on a deeper level to keep them coming back? I help you build a foundation to increasing your retention rate and ability to share your gifts with your clients.

Massage Therapy + Bodywork

An effective and safe way to reduce the effects of stress, felt pain from overuse and increase creative flow. I'm here to help you find your natural rhythmic flow through customized massage therapy sessions, and encourage you to use self-care activities at home to maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit.

Meditation + Journaling

Are you feeling frustrated, lost or lonely? Do you want to learn more about meditation or using a journaling practice to process your thoughts, connect with ancestors and transform? Join us over on Patreon to gain access to zines, meditations and other tools to help you grow into your practice!

Yoga + Philosophy

Are you seeking a yoga class or workshop that feels authentic and connected to earthy elements? Join us for movement practice and dive into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

During the times of COVID-19 we are offering online sessions to bring balance to the whole being. Yoga and meditation are healthy ways of coping during uncertain times and we are here to help you navigate a new way of living. Our lives have changed and we must say goodbye to our old way of living and embrace where we are in this present moment.

"Live a life full of faith, love and gratitude!"

Shakira B. Bethea

Ask how you can receive a private session!



As we continue to practice social distancing, I am able to continue working one-on-one with clients in a safe manner. This allows you to continue your practice and have some human contact even from a distance.

Relish! A Spicy Mix


Check out this article to learn more about Shakira's journey through Aerial Yoga!

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff. We're looking forward to serving you!

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