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I’m Shakira, a community catalyst, massage + bodywork therapist, yoga messenger, and intuitive healer offering a range of wellness practices to other healers, musicians and folx living single. My work focuses on assisting you in moving through resistance to fully live into your purpose in your own natural rhythmic flow. Take a moment to browse around to see all that I offer.

During the times of COVID-19 we are offering online group sessions + private offerings to bring balance to the whole being. Yoga and meditation are healthy ways of coping during uncertain times and we are here to help you navigate a new way of living. Our lives have changed and we must say goodbye to our old way of living and embrace where we are in this present moment.

Yoga + Philosophy

Are you seeking a yoga class or workshop that feels authentic and connected to earthy elements? Join us for movement practice and be an active healer in your transformation.

Massage Therapy + Bodywork

An effective and safe way to reduce the effects of stress, felt pain from overuse and increases creative flow. I'm here to help you find your natural rhythmic flow through customized massage therapy sessions, and support you to use self-care activities at home to maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit.

Patreon Family

Join us over on patreon for support and community while living single. I’m offering videos, zines and journals that help move you through the transformations with a little more ease and grace. Claim your Foundational Practices for Living Single e-workbook today for $55!

Practice on Purpose // Natural Yoga Flow

Are you a yoga healer and looking to dive deeper into anatomy and energetic bodies as it pertains to asana? Have you noticed that your daily practice lacks...PRACTICE? I created this course to hype you up and get you into your natural rhythm because when we live above the noise we break through resistance, connect to our true self and teach on purpose!


Multiple ways to participate:


Group (April 2021)

Self Study w/Online Access

Community Catalyst

I currently work with Sahaja S P A C E as the Healing Space Catalyst providing support to the evolving cooperative yoga and healing space. This work is ...

Natural Yoga Flow

Youtube Channel

"Live life with faith, love and gratitude"

Shakira B. Bethea

Relish! A Spicy Mix


Check out this article to learn more about Shakira's journey through Aerial Yoga!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found what you needed and are moving forward with your transformation. Feel free to visit Patreon and join the family! I looking forward to serving you!

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