Let's Train to Relax

Uplyft, LLC began as Train to Relax in Durham, NC in 2013. We transitioned this organization October 2018 to provide self care services to the community, small businesses and corporate settings via Skype, Youtube and in-person. We strive to provide our clients with programs that "uplyft" their lifestyle to continue their wellness journey with grace.


We hope you enjoy learning more about us and look forward to meeting you soon!

Aerial Yoga

Play is so important as we continue to move along our journey. Life can get heavy and we tend to get caught up in the "busyness" of it all.


Let's play and liberate ourselves!

"Live a life full of faith, love and gratitude!"

Shakira B. Bethea

Self Care & Awareness

Our classes, workshops and trainings offer healing techniques to promote a wellness journey that builds strength and resilience. Yoga allows us to find balance, build community and create pathways to live a more positive life.

Uplyft Workshops

Join us for workshops to express creativity, find your natural yoga flow, and learn ways to have a more positive impact on your community.

Uplyft Your Soul Journaling

Embark on a journaling experience to go deep within to learn more about yourself, what you desire and how to keep moving forward with ease and grace. This program is all about healing ourselves daily so that we spread healing to the world around us!

Relish! A Spicy Mix


Check out this article to learn more about Shakira's journey through Aerial Yoga!

We Need Your Help!

This summer we are planning to spend our time outdoors combining nature and Aerial Yoga. We have four portable stands and are looking for sponsors and donors for two more! We want to share this experience with as many of our friends as possible and in order to do so,



Each stand is $357 and allows us to experience Aerial Yoga in beautiful destinations that connect us to the natural world around us. Are you willing to donate $15?

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff. We're looking forward to serving you!

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